A company born out of crisis . . .

Trinity Construction Management is one of the most trusted and admired companies in their field. But it didn’t happen overnight. You have to look back to the beginning of this century to understand how crisis inspired the start of the company.

September 11, 2001 was a pivotal day. As the nation mourned the loss of life and the horror of terrorist attacks, it also sent the construction industry into a recession. Pam and her husband Mark owned Construction Specialities International, a manufacturers rep firm for Division 10 specialties. As the country and the economy reeled, they decided in order to keep the doors open, they would seize a very timely opportunity to begin installing the products they sold. But after their first project, it became clear that there weren’t too many companies handling installation; and they were good at it. Trinity Construction Management was born.

In 2006 as the nation and the economy were recovering, Pam was dealt another devastating blow: her husband Mark suddenly passed away. Leaning on faith, family, and friends, Pam persevered and kept the company moving forward. One of those friends, Scott Ward, a friend with over 30 years of experience in the glazing business, offered to help, thus adding glass and curtain wall installation to Trinity’s line up. This established Trinity’s current product and services trifecta - glazing, specialties and architectural metals.

Trinity Construction Management is committed to our customers with an unwavering promise to “doing what we say we are going to do - when we say we are going to do it”. And that’s a combination that customers have come to trust - project after project.

When you ask Trinity’s long time customers to describe why they’re so loyal, they talk about Trinity’s commitment, integrity, and dedication. Their team is ALL IN to make sure every customer’s project is a success and completed safely, on time, and on budget. 

As a child, Pam loved to put puzzles together. Today, as Trinity handles multiple projects of size and scope, it’s that passion to solve the puzzle of their customer’s problems day in and day out, putting the pieces together that drives Pam and her team.  And even better than the feeling of accomplishment when a project is completed, Pam loves to drive by finished projects and take great pride in knowing that Trinity Construction Management locked arms with a General Contractor and helped make that building come to life.

We would love to earn your trust and help your next project come to life.  


Pam Paggio


In her decades of learning the business and leading people, Pam says the most important lesson she has learned is to “train up and trust.” Letting her team do their jobs allows Pam to keep her eye on the heartbeat of Trinity: the customers and the culture.

Pam wants her customers to be handled with integrity and to always (and she means always!) keep her word. Our mission statement says it best, “Do what you say, when you say you’re going to do it.” She has learned that integrity, when delivered consistently over time, leads to trust. And a customer’s trust is a gift that is priceless.

She also strives to keep her team members motivated by creating a culture that feels like family. “If you’re going to be spending so much time working, we want to have an environment that’s enjoyable, and where people actually like being with each other.” Every day in the office, a lunch time “dinner bell” is rung to let people know that they’re gathering to eat together. And the teams in the field celebrate with a lunch every month that is injury-free. Pam says, “We look out for each other, in good times and bad. We’ve delivered food to grieving families in a time of loss, we’ve had baby showers, wedding showers and we gather to close out each year with an amazing Christmas party!”

She has learned that if she can help Trinity’s employees flourish, there is a direct correlation to Trinity’s customers being happy also. They go hand in hand. Pam says, “I love my customers and I love my team.”

When Pam’s husband and business partner Mark suddenly passed away in 2006, it was faith, family, and friends that got Pam through it. “I know I am a control freak.  But after Mark’s passing, I realized that no matter how much I tried to run things, I wasn’t in charge. Not only did I realize I needed to trust the team that I have put in place, but that I needed to trust God more - because He is the only one who can truly handle anything that life brings your way.”

Pam’s perseverance is admired by all, and she continues to grow both personally and professionally. “Every day, every project, every challenge is an opportunity to bring glory to God.”

When she isn’t working, Pam enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her husband Jeff, and their four children: Zack, JT, Nick, and Gracie.

Alex Vazquez

Operations Manager

In Alex’s 25 plus years of experience, the two things that have been most important to his career are his determination to finish his projects on time and on budget, and his drive to exceed the customer’s expectations.

His customers will tell you they’ve benefited from Alex’s willingness to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and keep the team focused on the prize of a successful project. But if you ask Alex, he’ll humbly say, “I’m just doing my job.”

Alex has been a key player in Trinity’s success and in establishing a trusted name. His customers and co-workers think of him as the “guy with the answers” based on his knowledge of Trinity’s product lines and years of experience. Though he’s worked on countless projects over time - all different and all with unique challenges - three things have always remained constant: his great attitude, his wealth of product knowledge, and his ability to see projects through to the end.

In his personal time, Alex enjoys being with his wife Sandra and their two daughters, Alexandra and Samantha. He also enjoys martial arts and playing soccer, or as he says, “As much as my new ACL will allow.”

Erica Fisher

senior project Manager

If you were to ask Erica’s customers what they value the most about her, you would hear words like responsive, honest, follow through, kind, and problem solver. Ever since Erica answered an ad looking for part-time help, she has turned that opportunity into a career: a career that has allowed her to grow into one of the most respected and well-liked project managers in the industry.

Erica says her goal is to simply give each customer the care they deserve, no matter the size of the project. Her approach is based on a lesson her mother taught her: to look at the bigger picture and not get bogged down in the problems. This means focusing on what she can do to help solve a problem, and keeping her eyes on the prize of a successful project that is on time and on budget.

It’s obvious to all who work with Erica that she loves her job and is passionate about her customers. Trinity’s culture and the challenges that each day brings have allowed her to grow into the seasoned professional she is today. And it all started with a simple help wanted ad nearly 20 years ago.

On the weekends, you’ll find Erica spending time with husband Scott and their daughter Hannah. They loves being outdoors, visiting Busch Gardens, and having family game time with extended family. Erica especially loves the competitive intensity of the annual family ping pong tournament on New Year’s day!

And here is the rest of our amazing team!