You have a big project in front of you.


You can’t afford to let the client down. You need to find subs you can trust, subs that will help you solve the issues that are bound to come up, subs that will be as committed as you are to being safe, on time and on budget. Trinity Construction Management is that sub. Ask any GC we’ve worked with in the past.

For over 15 years, Trinity has been helping General Contractors all over Florida turn a good reputation into a great reputation. We’re not satisfied until you’re happy, and we know you won’t be happy until your client is happy. Our team can’t wait to be there with you the day the building finally comes to life. Trinity will lock arms with you every step of the way. We want to become your most trusted sub-contractor. Our desire is to simply hear you say “Well done!” at the end of the project. Let’s get started!

Trinity Construction Management is minority owned, has a culture of safety, and is fully insurable and bondable.


Thinking about hiring someone else? Be sure to ask these 5 Key Questions before you do.


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Of the 15 subs I recently hired, Trinity was the only one I brought with me on the second project.
— Shawn, Wehr Constructors
Hiring Trinity means you don’t have to hire 3 or 4 other subs, and that saves me time and headaches.
— Doug, Barton Malow
They do what they say they’re going to do and stay on schedule.
— Aaron, AJ Fisher Construction
If I have an issue, I’ll get an honest answer and they’ll make it right. In my world, that’s priceless.
— Matt, Wehr Constructors


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Still not sure about hiring Trinity Construction Management? To give you an even greater peace of mind about bringing us on board your next project, let’s cover some more reasons Trinity will become your most trusted sub-contractor.

Trinity will submit a bid that is complete and comprehensive.

Our base bid will always be the basis of design.  If we provide you with an “or equal,” we won’t use that as a loophole to win your business. “Or Equal” options will be as good, or better than what was designed or specified. Plus if there is a cost savings, we’ll pass it along to you. Our integrity and the quality of our products have earned us repeat business again and again.  

Trinity has the experience you are looking for in a sub-Contractor.

Our experience isn’t limited to just one area! We have years of experience in Division 8, Division 10, and Architectural Metals. Our employees are some of the best in the industry, with decades of experience and average tenures 50% higher than industry norms. Instead of hiring multiple subs, hire Trinity to do multiple scopes.

Trinity is a sub-Contractor you can rely on.

We make your schedule our schedule. Our reputation stands on it.  You will have a sub that is as committed as you are to being on time and on budget.

Trinity is committed to a culture of safety.

We don’t just talk about safety, we live it, we breathe it, we talk about it every day. It’s personal to us. We buy into the concept that all accidents are preventable. That makes us committed to achieving and sustaining a “zero accident” performance through continuous evaluation, education, and improvements.

Trinity is all about SDG: these 3 little letters you’ll notice on our email signatures and sprinkled throughout our organization. SDG stands for Soli Deo Gloria, which is latin for Glory to God alone. This has been our motto from day one at Trinity Construction Management.  It’s our declaration for our work on a daily basis.  Bringing His glory to your project with a complete; honest bid, by an experienced, reliable sub-contractor who will be on time and on budget! Let’s get started!